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Summer 1 - Our Green and Pleasant Land

This half term our topic is 'This Green and Pleasant Land'. We are learning all about England and our local area. Our class story is set in British parkland. We will be writing instructions explaining how to make a disgusting sandwich and writing a setting description for the park.

In Geography we will use our prior learning to talk about our local area, noting human and physical features. We will also learn about some famous landmarks in England. We will be using maps and aerial photographs to describe what we can see in our local area, and we will be taking a walk around Matchborough. In science, we will continue to learn about animals. We will learn about animal life cycles and then start a new sequence of learning on microhabitats.

Mrs Spooner will be working with our class on some new topic vocab. Some of these key words have been sent home for you to discuss with your child.

Please take a look at the learning leaflets below.

Police visit (15.05.24)

Today the police came to visit to talk to the whole school about road safety. We learnt about how to cross the road safely and what we should wear if we are out at night. We learnt about some of the things the police do, how they keep us safe. We had a good look around their police car, heard the siren and saw how their radios work. We also had the opportunity to try on some police uniforms!

Our Local Area Walk (30.04.24)

Today we went on a walk around our local area as part of our learning in Geography lessons. We have learnt about human and physical geographical features and talked about these features in Africa and the UK. Today we focussed on our local area. We looked for human and physical features as we walked around the area surrounding Matchborough First School Academy. We took it in turns to take photos using the iPad. We talked about some of the features, what we liked/ disliked and how the are could be improved. We particularly liked the pond. We were lucky enough to see baby geese (goslings)! We were very quiet, so we did not upset the geese. We also enjoyed running under the underpass and creating echoes using our voices!

We were very lucky with the weather and had a great trip out. The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to MFSA.

Our local area walk

Our Veggie Patch (25.4.24)

We are beginning to learn about plants in our science lessons this term. In our first lesson we talked about what we know about plants, what they need to grow, how to plant and care for them, what types of plants there are and what the parts of a plant are called. What a lot we know already!

The children have chosen what they would like to grow this year. We will be growing carrots and beans. We also hope that we might get some strawberries from our strawberry plants.

Today, we planted the bean seeds in pots. We are going to keep them in the classroom until they are big and strong enough to be planted outside. We will be 'observing them over time', watching them grow, looking after them and recording the changes that we see in a bean diary.

Please find below the photos of the children planting their seeds.

Planting bean seeds

How To Make a Disgusting Sandwich (23.04.24)

Today we visited our Forest School and had lots of fun making disgusting sandwiches! In English, we planned what ingredients we would need to make our sandwiches. We then went to find them in the forest. This week, we will be writing a set of instructions so you could make a disgusting sandwich at home too!

Please take a look at some of the photos from our activity.

Making a 'disgusting sandwich' in the forest

Dudley Zoo & Castle Class Trip (08.04.24)

We had an amazing time at Dudley Zoo and Castle. The children loved seeing all the animals and having the freedom to explore the zoo and grounds. We used our map skills to find our way around the zoo, picking which animals we wanted to visit. What a lot of animals we saw! And, what a lot of walking we did! We were so lucky with the dry weather, it meant the animals were outside for us to see. The children all behaved beautifully, they were great ambassadors for our school. 

Please take a look at a selection of the photos that we took on the day.


Dudley Zoo Class Trip

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