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Spring 2 - A Jungle Adventure

A Jungle Adventure

This half term we will continue to learn about the continent of Africa, but this time we will focus on a jungle habitat. We will be learning about some of the animals that you find in the jungle. In science we will be learning about how animals grow from babies to adulthood (animal life cycles), matching baby animals to their parents and naming them. In English, we will be exploring poetry, listening to and appreciating poems, identifying rhyme and performing a poem using actions.

Performance Poetry

The children have enjoyed learning the poem 'Leap Like a Leopard' by John Foster. They created some actions for the animals in the poem and listened carefully to their friends reciting each verse, joining in with the movements for each line.

The video of their performance can be found in our Video Resource Centre. Just click on the green 'Children' tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the last link to find it. The video is saved under 1B / LC. It's really worth a watch! We are so proud of the class - what a super performance!

DT - Fruit Skewers (20.03.24)

This week we finished our unit of work in DT. We have been learning all about being healthy humans in PSHE, Science and DT. We evaluated different fruits, designed our own fruit skewer, learnt all about hygiene and the best way to clean germs from our hands and the skills required to peel, chop and slice fruit for our skewers. Please take a look at some of the photos below.

Fruit Skewers

British Science Week 2024


Today we celebrated British Science Week as a whole school. We had an amazing workshop from Professor Sulphur Nitrate. He was a little bit crazy! He demonstrated fire, explosions, rockets, the concepts of lift and thrust and chemical reactions (mentos in Coke).

We also learnt about inventors and inventions from the past. We learnt about the Victorian invention of the telephone and the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (who built bridges, tunnels and viaducts).

We used our investigative skills to plan and carry out a test of different bridge designs. The children all made their own bridges and we tested them to see which was the strongest (the one that could hold the most weight without breaking).

Take a look at the photos below:

Bridge Engineers - Design, build and test

The 'Silly Science' workshop

World Book Day (07.03.24)

We have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. The children all dressed up in fantastic costumes. They listened beautifully to a special assembly by the author Colin R Parsons and took part in a workshop afterwards, learning all about how Mr Parsons starts a story, thinking about the characters and setting the scene.

In the afternoon we shared a lovely book called 'Lights on Cotton Rock'. We all loved the story and particularly liked the illustrations. A good book choice by Mr Richardson for the whole school to enjoy!


An exciting first day back! (19.02.24)


Today, Year 2 and Language Class had a visit from Laura and her animals. The children listened beautifully to Laura talk about each animal and then had the chance to meet them 'in the flesh'. We met: a giant hissing cockroach called 'Colin', a corn snake called 'Kellogs', 'Phil' the guinea pig, 'Bill' the leopard gecko, a bearded dragon called 'Thelma', an African Scops Owl called 'Eric' and a honey bear called 'Esther'.

The children were all really brave and considerate (keeping quiet and gentle when meeting the animals). Well done LC!

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