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Bringing the curriculum to life


At Matchborough First School Academy we love to bring our curriculum to life. We do this through holding events days that encourage creativity, learning and fun. These days inspire children, build character, teach them about the wider world and also involve parents and the community in our love of learning. 


We plan and build these days around the idea of transferable and memorable knowledge, to ensure our teaching of the curriculum inspires children with the ultimate goal that ‘children know more and are able do more’.


Have a look at the event days that have taken place in our school.


        Mental Health Week 2022       



More than one in 10 primary school children aged five to 10 has an identifiable mental health condition – that’s around three children in every class.


Intent: The purpose of acknowledging Mental Health Awareness Week is to give the children an awareness of how important mental health is and how to deal with emotions that they may feel. Being mindful about mental health helps children recognise the part each person has to play in creating a society that understands the importance of good mental health. Our awareness week seeks to inspire action and promote the message of good mental health for everyone.


To acknowledge Mental Health Week in Matchborough First School Academy we completed an activity each day.

We enjoyed Mindfulness Monday, Talking Tuesday, Walking Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Feelings Friday.







It's good to understand how people can suffer from Mental Health and that we can all help. Ellie


If feel angry or sad we have learnt ways to help us keep calm. Fabian


It is really good to understand that we all have different emotions at different times. Samuel


Some of the activities we learnt will help me stay calm and feel happy. (Hattie)


World Book Day 2022




On Tuesday 8th February, MFSA celebrated Safer Internet Day with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online.’ 



Online safety is an essential part of children’s education in today’s digital world and it is our intent to ensure this in firmly embedded in their learning at school and provides them with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe when using technology. We also want to support our parents and children improve their own understanding of online safety issues so they can learn to use the internet in a safe and secure way.



Who can we ask for help?

Still image for this video



"Mrs Farr asked us who could help us on the Internet and I said we could ask a grown up."

Freddie, Reception


"We don't play on tablets for too long. We could use them for homework. We need to ask an adult first."

Annie, Year 1


"I learnt about online bullying an how people can be kind or unkind."

Jacob, Year 2


"I learnt about how to stay safe online. I made my own comic strip to show how Rapunzel can stay safe on the Internet."

Nathan, Year 3


"If you see something bad, report it to and adult or press Hector in school." 

Travis, Year 4



"I was really impressed with the children's knowledge about online safety, particularly with online gaming and the necessary steps they would take should they encounter problems online."

Mr Richardson, Year 3 teacher




Hrothgar the Viking visits Matchborough!!


The aim of inviting a ‘Viking visitor’ into school was to fully immerse children in their new topic and bring to life the Viking age through an engaging and informative day.

The intent of the day was to help children to:

  • understand the Viking way of life and how this compares to modern day
  • understand how Viking language has shaped the language we use today
  • develop a knowledge of a significant period of history
  • appreciate how historical stereotypes are not always accurate
  • explore reasons why the Vikings invaded Britain and the importance of trade.   
  • Staff and pupils also dressed as Vikings to make the day more memorable.
  • There was lots of interactivity when handling weapons, observing fire lighting and participating in role-play using props and costumes.





“The whole day was really fun and I learnt lots of interesting facts about the Vikings.” Kye ( 4SC)

“I loved handling the Viking weapons, the helmet was very heavy when I put it on my head  -Elliott (4NB)

“I really enjoyed hearing and watching the stories being acted out. It helped me to find out more about the Viking funerals.”  Amelia (4AB)

“I liked it when Hrothgar raided our classroom to start with-“- Freya (4NB)

“I learnt so much and can’t wait to find out more.” (Cole 4B)

“The whole day was immersive and all the children were fully engaged. They enjoyed learning as well as asking lots of questions – Miss Begum (Year 4 teacher)

No Pens Wednesday - November 24th 2021


No pens Wednesday is a nationwide annual event when teachers and pupils focus on learning through speaking and listening activities. Speech is a powerful tool for learning and No Pens Wednesday gives us all the opportunity to give speech a staring role! In addition, this year we 

combined 'No Pens Wednesday' with 'Dress as your favourite Word' day to give pupils and staff the opportunity to shine a light on their favourite vocabulary.



Staff and pupils showed their fantastic creativity with their costumes showcasing vocabulary! Lessons were taught that were part of planned sequences of learning but this was achieved through talk, giving children the opportunity to really demonstrate an understanding of key concepts. The day ended with a celebratory assembly where children shared reflected on the day, their learning and showed off their fabulous costumes.



Dress as your favourite word!



                      ''Learning is about thinking, not just using a pencil'' - Maizie year 4

      Anti-Bullying Week -Odd Sock Day           



Intent: The purpose of Odd Sock Day is an introduction to anti-bullying week in which we want to ensure children understand what bullying is, what to do if they think they are being bullied and what it means to be kind. We will be encouraging random acts of kindness both in school and at home.




Wearing odd socks is an opportunity for children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.













It's good to wear odd socks because it shows how unique we are. (Hattie)


                              We wear odd socks to show we are all different and that's ok. We are all special

                              in our own way. (Macie-J)


We shouldn't be bullied, being different is good, you are still a good person. (Corey)


                  We have learnt how to deal with bullies, we know to tell a teacher or grown-up if we see

                  anyone upset or being bullied. (Poppy)

Digital Parenting week will be taking place during the week…  

11th-15th October


Intent: To celebrate how parents and carers have supported children during lockdown at home with remote learning and to promote children’s and adults wellbeing online. The activities will encourage important conversations at home about how being online can affect emotions and behaviour. It will empower parents/carers to encourage a heathy digital diet.


For the past 2 years, parents and carers have had even more than normal to juggle. We would like to thank you for all you’ve done to support your children's wellbeing during the school closures and remote learning and we want to celebrate everything you continue to do!




In school this half term, our focus is Digital Literacy with an emphasis on Online Safety. We will be reinforcing the importance of this during the week as well as discussing any challenges we may have overcome during remote learning. We will be taking the time to acknowledge the hard work that parents and carers have put in. The children will have chance to reflect on how family and friends have helped them with their online learning.


FREE National Online Safety training

We would like to remind you about the app we have for online safety training for parents and carers. The resources include Parents & Carers courses (presented by Myleene Klass), online video resources and weekly guides covering a huge range of topics.


To create your account, please follow  and complete your details. When you’re set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer’ as your user type. You can access National Online Safety online via any device, including via the brand-new smartphone app.


For every parent/carer that signs up and completes the parent training, they will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!


We hope you will join us to ensure our children can be safe online at home and in school!







I did some yoga with my Mum to help me relax.



I talked to my Mum about screen time on my tablet.



Jeans for Genes Day




Intent: The purpose of celebrating Jeans for Genes Day is to help our children understand that everyone is different and that is OK. We must always treat everyone the same no matter what. We learn about genes in our bodies and that although some children may look or act differently this maybe due to certain genes in their bodies being faulty. By raising money and awareness in school we can make a real difference to some children and can mean that they get the equipment and care that they really need, it also helps to raise money for scientists to find cures to help children who are poorly. 









Genes are cells in our bodies and sometimes those cells don’t work properly which could mean that someone needs to use a wheel chair.

Francine Yr 4


We wear Jeans on Jeans for Genes Day to remember to help children who need more than we do.

Corey Yr 3


It's good to help raise money to get medicines for other children

Alfie Yr 3


It is important to help children with medical stuff.

Logan Yr 2



Jeans for Genes is all about helping children get better and keeping them alive.

Finnley Yr 2



Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


We celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week at school to promote Mental Health and Well being and raise awareness within our community. This year the theme was 'Getting time outdoors' which is a fitting theme considering we have spent most of the last year in our homes. The aim of the day is to encourage the children to talk about their feelings and emotions to others no matter how big or small they think their problem is. 


Click below to watch 3H sing This is Me



Exercise is important for your physical and mental health- Eli, Year 4


Talking is really important- Skylar, Year 3


Mental health is all about your feelings and emotions- Reegan, Year 3


Small feelings can grow and grow and it can stop you from living your life, it is important to tell someone- Ben, Year 3


Looking after your mental health is important for your well-being because it makes you feel good and happy about yourself. This helps the people around you feel happy and good too- Paige, Year 4


V.E. Day

7th May 2021


Intent: The purpose of celebrating V.E, Day is to teach children about the past and the importance of treasuring our Nation and understanding how the past has shaped our country. We also want children to understand the importance of British Values and how important democracy and respect are in today’s world.














V.E. Day celebrates the fact we all have the right to be different and no-one should stop us. (Ruby, Year 4)                                       


It's important to know things from our past. (Arfa, Year 3)


V.E. Day is important because we are celebrating the victory of Europe in World War 2. (Noah, Year 3)


Democracy is voting for what you want so it's fair. (Year, 1)


Victory in Europe Day is about Europe winning the Second World War. (Leila Year 4)


We have democracy in school because we vote for our book at the end of the day. (Reception)


It's important to remember the people who died in the War as they helped us win. (Imogen, Year 3)

British Science Week 2021

World Book Day 2021

A Wonderland of Books!


The intent of the day was to celebrate and promote children’s classic literature and raise awareness of different authors. We wanted all children to:

  • Listen to classic children’s literature and be inspired to read further stories
  • Celebrate World Book Day whether it be in the classroom or remotely
  • Watch a live performance of Alice in Wonderland to appreciate the Arts and inspire career choices
  • Have fun and enjoy sharing stories together
  • Become fully immersed by dressing up and becoming part of the story
  • Enjoyed themed activities based on a specific book chosen by each year group
  • Develop their creativity and imaginative minds
  • See teachers as ‘reading teachers’ through sharing stories both in the classroom and remotely





“I love Paddington! We made little bears and I liked dressing up. I showed everyone my favourite book too!” Harrison 1G


"I liked talking about our costumes and explaining the stories they were from. I had fun retelling stories!"

Travis Year 2


"I liked dressing up as my favourite book character and talking about the story she was from." Lucy 2LW


“I really enjoyed World Book Day – the best part was predicting the ending to the Winnie the Pooh story.” Elliot Year 3


“It was a really fun day because we got to learn about the fun of reading and use our imagination with books.” Phoebe Year 3


World Book Day makes me want to read books every single day – I went home and read my favourite book – Fletcher Wright’s Adventures.”  Fletcher Year 3


"I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I loved Treasure Island because it was full of adventure. I enjoyed the part where they travelled to different parts of the world." Jacob 4PC

"Treasure Island was great! I think being a pirate would have been exciting but dangerous. My favourite part was when the blind beggar Pew got trampled to death by horses." Alfie 4M

No Pens Wednesday   

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Transferable skills used:






Challenging stereotypes 



Pens down, speak up!


#NoPensDay is a day dedicated to showcasing the importance of speech, language and communication. The aim of No Pens Wednesday is to teach children why it is so important to listen to one another and communicate effectively.

Children learn that communication can happen in a number of different way. They also learn about those who communicate when they do not have a voice or they cannot hear and we build more understanding for the difficulties they may face.



“I liked today because my hands had a rest but

my mind and voice didn’t get a test.

Listening is so important!” Lana, Year 4


“It was really fun today, playing learning games but not writing.

We learned how to listen and be quite…it was peaceful.

We talked and listened to each other” Phoebe, Year 2


"You learn how to communicate in different ways" Ethan, Year 4 


"I really enjoyed the listening games

especially Sleepy Giant!" Viki, Year 4 


"You understand how important listening is and how to

listen to each other" Phoebe, Year 4 


"There are other ways to communicate such as

sign language and this is just

as important as

speaking and writing" Calum, Year 4


"We had to use a brain in a different way today, I loved Dingbats!" Liam, Year 4

National Heritage Day

Friday 13th September 2020

Transferable skills used:


Thirst for knowledge and enquiry 

Influential people 

Development of technology

Time and timelines 

Our place in the world 

Geographical location treasuring our Nation 


The aim of National Heritage day was to teach children about important figures, famous historic monuments and periods of time from history that have shaped Britain to make it the country it is today.

The intent of the day was to help children to;

  • Make connections between History, Geography and PSHE.
  • Develop their understanding of location knowledge – looking at England and the surrounding countries that make up Great Britain.
  • Developed their knowledge of local history and how significant periods of time and people have contributed to national achievements.
  • Understand our past, to learn how to shape the future,
  • Value our Nation and our British Values, especially our British Value of the half term ‘Treasuring our Nation’.


Teachers and children all dressed up as an influential person from British History, this made the day even more memorable and meaningful as we could talk about our characters and why we chose to dress up as them,




"It was fantastic to see the children learning about inventions

from British history, and developing a sense of pride for our

Nation" Mrs Cartwright Year 2.


"I have liked learning about all the countries that

make up the UK." Travis, Year 1.


"I learned that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone

and he was from Scotland. We made our own phones with 

cups and strings" Fabian, Year 1.


"The children enjoyed learning about the Royal Family and the

history of our National Anthem" Miss Hughes, Reception


"My favourite thing about today was learning about important British

people because I like History, it's my favourite lesson" Noah, Year 2.


"I've liked that we have learned all about the past because learning

about things in the past is so important because we can still

learn from it today" Lana, Year 4.


"I loved seeing all the children in their different costumes,

they had really researched our heritage to get involved

in the day" Mrs O'Toole, Year 1.


I liked learning about the old structures from the past. 

who built them and what they were used for" Dylan, Year 4.

Year 4 Viking Visit!

Tuesday 7th January 2020


The aim of inviting a ‘Viking visitor’ into school was to fully immerse children in their new topic and bring to life the Viking age through an engaging and informative day.

The intent of the day was to help children to:

  • understand the Viking way of life and how this compares to modern day
  • understand how Viking language has shaped the language we use today
  • develop a knowledge of a significant period of history
  • appreciate how historical stereotypes are not always accurate
  • explore reasons why the Vikings invaded Britain and the importance of trade.           Staff and pupils also dressed as Vikings to make the day more memorable. There was lots of interactivity when handling weapons, observing fire lighting and participating in role-play using props and costumes.




“I couldn’t believe the amount of knowledge shared, it was as if history came to life, he made it so real!” Mrs Wood (Year 4 TA)

“I didn’t realise Viking shields did not have a metal rim so that an enemy sword could get stuck during battle.” Riley (4R)

“The whole day was really fun and I learnt lots of interesting facts.” Phoebe (4R)

“I loved handling the Viking artefacts, especially the weapons and helmet! I couldn’t believe how heavy the helmet was!” (Liam 4R)

“I really enjoyed hearing and watching the stories being acted out. It helped me to find out more about the Viking gods.” (Amelia 4B)

“I really enjoyed finding out what the Vikings wore and I loved dressing as a Viking woman!” (Kensie 4P)

“I learnt so much and can’t wait to find out more.” (Cole 4B)

“The whole day was really immersive and I have already noticed children using their new knowledge in lessons.” Mrs Bryzak (Year 4 Teacher)

World Book Day 2020


The intent of the day was to celebrate authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) reading through a revolting and rhyming theme. We wanted to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading. We wanted children to:

  • have fun and enjoy reading through sharing books together
  • become fully immersed in stories through dressing up and listening to different stories
  • to appreciate performance poetry by watching a production of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes
  • make cross-curricular links with Science through ‘revolting’ practical activities inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine 


“I really enjoyed making slime. Reading is important because it helps me to learn new words.” Travis 1B

“World Book Day is important because it helps you to find out about other books that you might be interested in reading. I enjoy reading at home when my dog sits on my lap and I can read him a story.” Lilith 3C

“I think World Book Day is important because reading is fun, helps you in all parts of life and lets you use your imagination.” Riley 4R

“I loved hearing different stories when we shared them. I enjoyed the Revolting Rhymes production because I’ve not heard everything spoken in rhyme before. I liked how each story had a twist!” India 4B

“I loved baking ‘disgusting’ cakes today after reading part of Georges Marvellous Medicine and writing up the recipe. I enjoy reading because it paints a picture in your mind of an imaginary world like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The characters seem so real!” Dylan 2BW

“Many books came alive today through children’s enthusiasm for stories. They ignited their imaginations through writing ‘ridiculous’ mini sags and really enjoyed the revolting twist.” Miss Cordey Year 3 Teacher

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