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Bringing the curriculum to life


At Matchborough First School Academy we love to bring our curriculum to life. We do this through holding events days that encourage creativity, learning and fun. These days inspire children, build character, teach them about the wider world and also involve parents and the community in our love of learning. 


We plan and build these days around the idea of transferable and memorable knowledge, to ensure our teaching of the curriculum inspires children with the ultimate goal that ‘children know more and are able do more’.


Have a look at the event days that have taken place in our school so far in 2019/20.


No Pens Wednesday   

Wednesday 2nd October

Transferable skills used:






Challenging stereotypes 



Pens down, speak up!


#NoPensDay is a day dedicated to showcasing the importance of speech, language and communication. The aim of No Pens Wednesday is to teach children why it is so important to listen to one another and communicate effectively.

Children learn that communication can happen in a number of different way. They also learn about those who communicate when they do not have a voice or they cannot hear and we build more understanding for the difficulties they may face.


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“I liked today because my hands had a rest but

my mind and voice didn’t get a test.

Listening is so important!” Lana, Year 4


“It was really fun today, playing learning games but not writing.

We learned how to listen and be quite…it was peaceful.

We talked and listened to each other” Phoebe, Year 2


"You learn how to communicate in different ways" Ethan, Year 4 


"I really enjoyed the listening games

especially Sleepy Giant!" Viki, Year 4 


"You understand how important listening is and how to

listen to each other" Phoebe, Year 4 


"There are other ways to communicate such as

sign language and this is just

as important as

speaking and writing" Calum, Year 4


"We had to use a brain in a different way today, I loved Dingbats!" Liam, Year 4

National Heritage Day

Friday 13th September

Transferable skills used:


Thirst for knowledge and enquiry 

Influential people 

Development of technology

Time and timelines 

Our place in the world 

Geographical location treasuring our Nation 


The aim of National Heritage day was to teach children about important figures, famous historic monuments and periods of time from history that have shaped Britain to make it the country it is today.

The intent of the day was to help children to;

  • Make connections between History, Geography and PSHE.
  • Develop their understanding of location knowledge – looking at England and the surrounding countries that make up Great Britain.
  • Developed their knowledge of local history and how significant periods of time and people have contributed to national achievements.
  • Understand our past, to learn how to shape the future,
  • Value our Nation and our British Values, especially our British Value of the half term ‘Treasuring our Nation’.


Teachers and children all dressed up as an influential person from British History, this made the day even more memorable and meaningful as we could talk about our characters and why we chose to dress up as them,



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Picture 2
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"It was fantastic to see the children learning about inventions

from British history, and developing a sense of pride for our

Nation" Mrs Cartwright Year 2.


"I have liked learning about all the countries that

make up the UK." Travis, Year 1.


"I learned that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone

and he was from Scotland. We made our own phones with 

cups and strings" Fabian, Year 1.


"The children enjoyed learning about the Royal Family and the

history of our National Anthem" Miss Hughes, Reception


"My favourite thing about today was learning about important British

people because I like History, it's my favourite lesson" Noah, Year 2.


"I've liked that we have learned all about the past because learning

about things in the past is so important because we can still

learn from it today" Lana, Year 4.


"I loved seeing all the children in their different costumes,

they had really researched our heritage to get involved

in the day" Mrs O'Toole, Year 1.


I liked learning about the old structures from the past. 

who built them and what they were used for" Dylan, Year 4.

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