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Autumn 1 - Monster Madness

Our topic for this half term is....


We will be learning to draw, create and describe monsters. We will be listening to some monster stories and retelling a familiar story, sequencing the main events. Our class text for this half term is a surprise! You will have to wait and see!

To find out more about our learning this half term, take a look at our home learning leaflet below.

A Monster Party (26.10.23)

Today we celebrated the end of our monster topic with a party at the end of the day. The children designed and created monster puppets and planned and made some monster treats. We had monster cakes, 'mud' sandwiches (choc spread), spiders legs (Curly Wurlys) and mud milk (chocolate milkshake). We played party games and had lots of fun! Below are a few pictures of the afternoon. 

Science Investigation (24.10.23)

Which glider will fly the furthest?

Yesterday we planned a scientific investigation to answer the question 'Which glider will fly the furthest?' We talked about what we knew about flight already. We then discussed what we could do to test gliders. We decided that the 'best' glider was the one that flew the furthest. The original glider has two hoops at each end of a straw, the back hoop is large and the front hoop is small. We talked about how we could change the glider design to see if it would fly better. We chose and made four designs, changing the sizing of the hoops and the number of hoops. To make the test fair, we made sure that we kept other factors the same. These were: how we threw the glider, the length of the straw we used, where we stood to throw and how hard we threw the glider each time.

We had a great time testing our gliders today! We recorded our findings in our Learning Journals and explained what we had found out. Below is a picture of our activity.


A Monster Recipe (23.10.23)

Sebastian, the boy whose monster pictures were mistakenly sent to Mrs Barlow at the start of this term, has a monster machine in his Dad's workshop. He has asked our class to help him write a recipe so that he can make some new monsters (as his old friends have gone back to their monster world and he is lonely).

Today we were busy practising making a monster in our class built monster machine. We added lots of disgusting ingredients. We are going to write the recipe down and send it to Sebastian. Below are some pictures of our monster making.

Monster Recipe

Our Monster Descriptions (20.09.23)

Today we wrote our monster descriptions. Some of us labelled a monster picture and some of us used sentences to describe. This afternoon, we helped Mrs Barlow to write an email to the person who sent us the pictures. We talked about what an email is, what information we could put in the email and all about how to stay safe online (as this person is a stranger).

Here is a copy of our email. We told Mrs Barlow what to write for each monster description. Can you match the description to the monster picture?

Whose Monsters?

Mrs Barlow has been sent an email by mistake - it is from someone who has monsters living with them. This person has sent lots of photos of their monsters, but we don't know who the monsters belong to! Over the next two weeks, we are going to practice describing some of these monsters using noun phrases (adjectives and nouns). We will label and describe the monsters and help Mrs Barlow write an email back to this person to find out if the monsters are theirs.

Today, we practised choosing a monster and describing it to our friends for them to guess which monster we had chosen. 

Junk Modelling for a Story Setting (08.09.23)

Today we talked about different settings. The children chose a setting and created something for it. See if you can spot the rocket and mountains.

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