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The Children's Council is made up of children from each class from year 2 to 4.

 Council members are elected by their class peers every year and meet regularly to discuss a variety of issues that affect them in school or in the community with the support of Mrs Smith.


Due to Covid-19 the school council has not met together this year however each class (from Year 2 to 4) is represented by 2 school councillors.These council members can help to address any concerns or worries that their class may have with the support of their teacher or Mrs Smith.

Our School Councillors for 2020/21 are:


4M Lucas and Freya

4R Paige and Evie

4PC Ayla and Eden


3S Rocco and Benjamin

3B Imogen and Braeden

3H Elliott and Freya


2W Patryk and Evie

2LW Macie-J and Charlie

2C Nathan and Evie

Last year we:


- Had regular meetings discussing current school issues.


- Supported Morrisons and our community by raising over £250 for Sargent CLIC, a charity that supports and helps children suffering from cancer.


- Met with our community police force and raised issues that concern us in school and in our community.

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