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Eco warriors

Welcome to our Eco page!


At Matchborough we are the proud holders of a green flag award and have just recently achieved Green Flag award again! 

Our Eco Warriors have been working hard this year to get new ideas up and running and to keep up the good work we already do as a school.


Keep checking back to see what we are up to and if there is any way you can be part of our ideas!




                                                                   Our Eco Warriors 


Here are some of our Eco Warriors! They will be working hard alongside Miss Pelling to help the school reapply for the Green Flag Award


Recycle unwanted clothes! 


As a school we are currently looking into getting a clothing bank located on the school grounds to support us in recycling any of our unwanted clothes. The clothing bank will also support us in raising money for school, we will be sending out more information when its confirmed, including the location on the grounds for you to access. 



As a school we looked at making sure our school grounds are kept clean and split the different areas of school into designated cleaning areas for each year group! 

We got given some litter pickers to aid us in our cleaning and worked together in our year group bubbles to ensure that we removed any litter that we could find. 





We have requested more battery boxes to support in the recycling of batteries. The big battery is still located in the main office. If you have any household batteries that you would like to recycle feel free to bring them into school with your child and the class teacher will post them in the main recycling point. 

Biodiveristy and School grounds 

We are working with Miss Smart to encourage the building of bug hotels in the forest to increase wildlife in our school grounds. 


We will also be looking at creating a wild meadow and planting more plants for Bees, Butterflies and other pollinator insects. This is important because we need to protect the pollinator insects as they help with the production of our food. 

                           Waste reduction

The Eco committee have decided that as a school we need to recycle more at lunchtimes! We worked with Mrs Stockton to create a new recycling bin and the dinner ladies encourage the children to recycle as much as they can. It is then the Eco Committee's job to make sure that this rubbish is emptied into the correct recycling bins outside.  

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