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At Matchborough First School Academy we teach Geography using a thematic curriculum where it is relevant and appropriate.

For more information on what your child will be learning in school go to your child’s year group. Please remember to keep a look out for a Learning Leaflet so that you know what your child will be learning and how you can support them at home.
If you would like further information on the National Curriculum please follow the link below:-

Subject Definition

At Matchborough First School Academy, we value Geography because it allows all children the opportunity to explore the relationship and interaction between the Earth and its peoples, through the study of place, space, and the environment.

Geography is focus for understanding the physical world, resolving issues about the environment and recognising the importance of sustainable development for the future of mankind.

Through direct experience and practical activities, augmented by the use of secondary sources children develop skills of enquiry, research, investigation and problem solving, and an understanding of drawing and the interpretation of maps 


  • To help pupils make sense of their own experiences and personal geographies.
  • To introduce pupils and extend their awareness, knowledge and understanding of the wider world.
  • To develop pupils’ spatial awareness, and location knowledge and understanding.
  • To develop pupils’ knowledge understanding of what environments are like, they are, and how they are changing.
  • To foster pupils’ appreciation of the environment and of the Earth as their home, and help them to understand why sustainability is important.
  • To encourage pupils to be thoughtful about how their own decisions affect their lives and the lives of others, including those they will never know.


Pupils should:

  • Cover the programme of study across a key stage; develop their knowledge, skill and understanding through activities and context of breadth of study.
  • Observe, collect and interpret information in their own environment, and develop their knowledge and understanding of it through first hand investigations. 
  • Study aspects of and develop an awareness of distant places, making comparisons and identifying similarities and differences.
  • Have opportunity to gain the skills for geographical enquiry, and communicate their findings in creative and different ways.
  • Use appropriate language and vocabulary, and have opportunity to develop their thinking and decision- making skills.
  • Select relevant information from a variety of sources, and acquire familiarity with maps; plans; pictures/ photographs; globes; atlases, and instruments.
  •  Care for their environment, value it and begin to realise that they have responsibility to others for the future.
  • Be able to make links with other curricular areas.


Thank you, Miss Smart.

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