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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Reception!  1
Welcome to Reception!  2

During the holidays we were very busy at Matchborough! We had a transformation to our Reception area with a new build mezzanine level. The underwater themeed area is used as our library area and for small group interventions. The children and staff all love it! 


Reception Reading & Phonics Parent's meeting Powerpoint 3rd October 2017

The Early Years Foundation Stage at Matchborough First School Academy is  made up of Nursery and 3 Reception classes.


We follow the Early Years curriculum which is divided into seven areas of learning;


Prime areas of learning
PSED - Personal, social and emotional development

PD - Physical development

C&L - Communication and Language


Specific areas



UW - Understanding the World

EAD - Expressive Arts and Design

The children access these areas everyday through play based learning experiences, both indoors and outside.

During a typical day the children will experience adult led phonics, mathematics and topic lessons, building on existing knowledge, extending current learning and introducing new concepts, skills and knowledge. This ensures that all children receive the most appropriate learning opportunities for their needs and interests.


Our staff have previously taken part in training with the Early Excellence indoor and outdoor projects - developing ideas and experiences for children to use in the outside learning environment. These were a huge success and we will be continuing with this provision this year.


Reception Planning Overview 2017-18

EYFS Objectives Overview

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