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This week Lewis has had a zoom meeting with cubs and has been set some new challenges to work towards his science and entertainer badges. He has been finding out the size of different objects round the garden using a tape measure and watering the vegetables and flowers. Lewis has also been practising his times tables - What a star!

Gracie has been up to lots of exciting things with her family including long walks, stream adventures and den making in the woods. She has even learnt to ride her bike and practise the keyboard! What a wonderful time you've been having, Gracie!

Bella's Keyworker made entirely of cardboard tubes! Brilliant job, Bella!

Ben has been super busy during his time at home going on walks and bike rides, working out with Joe, painting with his sister, telling stories, practising his left hook, baking cookies and so much more! Good job Ben!

Chloe's read and draw activity and a mask she has made. Chloe has also been enjoying lots of family walks.

Eden saw a bug hotel on a walk one day and then decided to make her own for the garden!

Eli wanted to share some more things he has been up to during lockdown.

Bella has written her very own Limerick, how impressive! Could you write one too? We will post the Limerick rules underneath in case you have forgotten! 


There once was a boy called Lee 

Who went shopping and needed a wee 

He cut his long hair

He saw a big juicy pear 

And he wanted to see his friend Phoebe 

Konor has been up to lots of exciting things at home!

Lucas has also created his own news report. He wrote all the script for this himself, he played the music on his keyboard, and was in the garden being the 'tornado'!! He helped edit it together as well.

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Lewis had fun walking through the stream and saw lots of ducklings at Moons Moat. He has been playing lots of board games and helping his brother with his A level physics. He is also enjoying sharing story books. It looks like you're having a great time Lewis!

Lilith has been enjoying lots of arts, crafts and baking whilst on lockdown!

Lucas has been helping around the house with chores like washing up and ironing, which is working towards the home help badge for Cubs. He has also been in the garden sowing spinach, lettuce, carrot and sunflower seeds. He has also made Minecraft bookends, which involved measuring and cutting wood, screwing and gluing it together as well as painting them.

Holly has been up to lots more exciting things during lockdown. That pizza is making me hungry!!

Jessica-Mae's Science experiment report. Maybe you could try the experiment at home and see if you get the same results too?

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Gracie has been up to all sorts of fun during lock down, we hope she didn't fall in!

Lena practising her gymnastics as well as working hard for school.

Daisy's critical workers.

Bella has been very very busy at home. Look at some of the exciting things she has been up to!

Eden loves watching Maddie Moates and Gregg on ‘Let’s go live’. They give some ideas of science activities to do at home. Here are a few of Eden’s attempts so far, they include making bounce pads, creating washing line planes, drawing a pocket size solar system and making a density column using oil, milk, rum, washing up liquid and orange juice.

Chloe's Lego maze and density Science experiment. Chloe used honey, milk and oil then dropped coins and nuts in to see if they go through the liquid.

Eden has been working really hard and has created her very own newspaper report about COVID-19. Have a read and maybe you could write one too?

Jess having fun in the sun!

Lewis has been busy over the past 5 weeks with his home learning. He's been playing cricket with his brothers, practising the ukulele and finding the deepest puddle! What an excellent way to spend a rainy day!

Gracie has been drawing pictures of volcanoes. We have challenged Gracie to name the 3 different types of volcanoes that we learned about in school. Can you remember what they are?

Georgi would like to share his News Report with you all! Well done Georgi!

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Jacob has been up to all sorts of exciting things at home! Loving the Easter bonnets!

Antoni has been keeping up with his reading and practising his football skills!

Lucas has been using a kit and a tin can to make an electronic robot! He has followed the instructions and used tools such as a screwdriver to build it. Here's a photo of him proudly showing it off. How impressive!!

Holly would like to share a song with you all. We hope it makes you smile as much as it did us!

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Eden has been working super hard at home, not only has she created a banner to celebrate and support our key workers, she has been writing her own stories too!

Holly has been up to all sorts of exciting things during her time away from school! We can't wait to try some of that chocolate cake!

Freya's (very festive) bed time story!

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Freya wanted to cheer everybody up on her daily walk! It has definitely cheered us up! Thank you Freya!

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It looks like Melody and her brother have been having lots of fun during self-isolation!

Zachary has chosen a bedtime story to share with all of his friends so get comfy, snuggle up and enjoy! Maybe you could do one too?

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Mikki working hard on his home learning!

Eli has been a busy bee completing activities from the home learning pack as well as learning new life skills too!

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