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Starter activities

   Wednesday 6th January

Try each of these activities in short bursts of around 15 minutes. Don't try to do them all at once.

Number formation - Can you have a go at writing the numbers? Use the rhymes to help you .

Thursday 7th January 

(Spend 15 minutes on the maths activities)

In our maths lessons at school we often play a game to start the lessons. Today we would like you to play this game at home! 

If the grown up says a number between 0 - 10 then the children have to show that many fingers. The idea of this game is that the children learn how many fingers show the number without having to count on each one before they get to the right number. 


The next challenge is can the children say 1 more than a given number. So if the grown up focuses on numbers 0 - 5 for this game, can they say what is 1 more. e.g. if the grown up says 'whats 1 more than 3' can the child say '4'. They can use their fingers to help them. 


English starters 

(spend 15 minutes each on these, no more than 30 mins)

Below are some pictures, we would like you to have a go at writing the word for each picture below.  We have selected pictures which you know all the sounds to, to make it a little easier for you to complete. Remember say the word and listen for the initial (first) sound and write it down, then say the word again but listen for the middle sound and write it down, then repeat but listen for the end sound before writing it down. 


Once you have done this if you would like to challenge yourself even further you could write a sentence for a few of the pictures. E.g. The cat sat.  The pen is red. 


Friday 8th January


English Starters - 15 Mins 

Today we want you to write the alphabet and practise your letter formation for all. When you have done this can you go on a hunt to find or just think of objects that start with each letter? 

Maths Starters - 15 Mins 

Get your grown up to say a number and you draw 1 less than that given number. Repeat for one more

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