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Wellness Wednesday


Today there will be no zoom lessons. No purple mash tasks or emails will  be responded to either. 

We will suggest some activities you may wish to complete, but today is all about you taking a break, resting your brain and stepping away from the screen. Look after YOU!


Why not get creative and produce your own Three Little Pigs puppet show?!



This weeks additional suggested activities...

Watch ‘Your Secret Treehouse’ for a guided meditation and session.


Write a kind note to your neighbour.


Play a board game with the people in your house.


Learn a new skill and teach it to everyone in your house – what is your new skill?


Find your favourite songs and all do karaoke.


Lie in the garden and see what shapes you can make with the clouds.


Think about some rules you can all have in your house.


Why not choose an activity and get outdoors this February?...

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