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Wellness Wednesday

Today there will be no zoom lessons. No purple mash tasks or emails will  be responded to either. 

We will suggest some activities you may wish to complete, but today is all about you taking a break, resting your brain and stepping away from the screen. Look after YOU!

Wellness ideas and activities 

  • Thank you -Make a poster of all the people you are thankful for. For example your teacher, the postman or the person that delivers your weekly food shop. Display in your window!


  • Be kind -  List seven kind things you can do for someone else. Do one from your list each day.


  • Dance off - Arrange a video call with friends and dance together to each other’s playlists.


  • Relax- Create a healthy sleeping poster and include some tips for a good night’s sleep that you can try.


  • Get active Make a weekly exercise diary. Include step count or distance walked if you have a tracker.


  • Feel the beat Make a playlist of your favourite feel-good music. Spend some time dancing to music from your playlist daily.
Why not choose an activity and get outdoors this March?...
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