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Week 1


How many times have you heard this word over the last few weeks... (I think I've used it a good few hundred times per day!) Have a read of the poem below and watch it read by the poet Michael Rosen. You could even try learning it and reciting it (maybe to your parents!) as I know lots of you love performing poetry!

Writing Activity 1

Write your own get-your-own-back poem of dos and don’ts for your parents, brothers, sisters or teachers. You could either repeat ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ on each line, or divide your poem into two sections; one for ‘dos’ and one for ‘don’ts’.

Think about whether you want the ‘dos’ or the ‘don’ts’ to come first in your poem.


Send your completed poems to us at You might like to write them up beautifully or perform them and send us a video. Each poem will be awarded with 20 dojos. 


Writing Activity 2

Fancy a challenge?

Try writing poem of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ designed to help a friend in an unusual situation!

You could pick from:

- they are made of glass (Don't jump and down!)
- their hat is on fire
- they are turned into a flea
- they are sad
- they are a snowman (Don't go near a radiator!)
- they are an elephant in a supermarket
- they are about to stop a war
- they are walking a tightrope.


TIP: If you get stuck - think about the advice you would give your friend. Start by making a list of the advice you would give, and then turn this into a poem.

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