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Good morning Year 3! laugh

Bonus words: Centre and century

Click the picture to take you to the TTRockstars website where you can log in and practise the timetables your teacher has set for you by playing 'Garage mode'.

You can also challenge your teacher and friends to a 'Rockslam Battle'.






Fluent in 5!

Teach it

Twist it

Deepen it

If you're finding this tricky...

Have a go at the activity below, can you put the inverted commas in the correct places?


If you're finding that tricky, try this...


Read through the PowerPoint below and then use the information you have learnt to create your own Internet Safety poster.


In Outdoor PE we have been practising our golf skills. Is there anything at home you can use to create your own golf course to practise your tik tok swing and putting skills?


Make sure you ask your grown ups before and try not to break anything!!


Have fun, we can't wait to see pictures of what you have come up with!





Here is a golf themed word search if you would like to have a go at it.

(Try not to peek at the answers)

Welcome to our school website!