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Wellness Wednesday

Get creative for World Book Day


Create a puppet of your favourite book character, all ready for World Book Day tomorrow! We can't wait to see them on Zoom.


 You could use an old sock or a toilet/kitchen roll tube and get as creative as you like! 


Mindfulness Colouring

We have learnt about A.A Milne who is famous for writing Winnie the Pooh. Today you can relax and enjoy colouring in pictures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends.     

We would love to see them so please show us tomorrow on Zoom.


You can colour and decorate the pictures below or you can draw your own.





Make a bookmark


Make and decorate your own bookmark to use when you are reading.


There are templates below if you would like to use them.

Instead of printing them out, you can always make your own bookmark by using a strip of paper and then decorating it. 


Book cover

Make your own front cover for your favourite book. You can use the template below or you can just do it on paper. 


Exercise routine

Make up your own 5 minute exercise routine. You could include star jumps, the plank, sit ups, push ups, jogging and hopping. What other exercises will you include in your routine? After making your own exercise routine, have a go at doing it alone or with a family member. 




5 Minute Countdown

Alphabet Bingo

 Can you spot any items in your home or garden that begin with each letter of the alphabet?




Find somewhere cosy, snuggle up and read your favourite book, comic or magazine!




Remember, if you do want some work to do - you can practise your spellings, have a go at Times Table Rockstars or read some books on Bug Club. You can also choose to complete some Purple Mash activities of your choice. 

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