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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your rainbow spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


WALT: turn notes into sentences.

Yesterday you made notes about penguins under subheadings. Today you are going to turn the notes into full sentences so they make sense and read well. You need to approach this by using the following steps:


1) Re-read your notes

2) Add extra words so it makes sense to someone else

3) Use capital letters and full stops

4) Use conjunctions


Use your own notes from yesterday. Example notes are attached if needed.





Adult penguins hunt, eat and provide fish for their young but they do not chew and actually swallow fish whole.



Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguin and are in-fact birds which cannot fly.Despite this, they do make fantastic swimmers.

Fluent in 5


WALT: interpret a tally chart.

In addition to making tally charts, children need to be able to interpret them and show they understand the data presented, This lesson will focus on answering questions based on data gathered and presented in the tally chart. 


Key vocabulary

most (largest)

least (smallest)

altogether (total - adding)

more (subtracting)


Teach it

Complete the frequency (total) column of the chart and answer the questions.


Twist it

Complete the tallies and totals columns of the tally chart and answer the questions.


Deepen it

Look at the data, answer the question and make a tally chart to represent the data collected accurately.

Too Tricky?!...


Computing WALT: create and manipulate a Word document. 

Remember you are focusing on publishing  this half term and improving the speed and accuracy of your typing skills. In addition to this you will produce a Microsoft Word non-chronological report.

You should be using Safesearch Kids to research about Different types of Penguins


*Safesearch is a search engine suitable for youngsters and can be accessed via the link below.


This week's task is to start your report using Microsoft Word. You are going to insert a text box and begin to type information about one type of Penguin. 

Have a play at editing the text by changing the font, size and colour of your typing.

Drag and resize your text box around the page to place it in the most effective position.





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