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Wednesday 13th January

It's happy hump day - WEDNESDAY


We hope you are having a good week. It is so lovely to see so many of you on the zoom lessons, seeing your happy faces makes us happy too. 


Let's start the day by dancing! Dancing makes us wake up and it will make us feel happy and ready for the day ahead!

(Click on the picture below)

Your body should now be awake and ready to goooooooo!

So now let's warm those brains up with a Phonics and Maths activity. 




You have been working very hard on learning our new sound 'v'. 

Click on the picture to sing the Jolly Phonics song


Today we are going to spell words that have ‘v’ at the beginning, the initial sound.

Have a look at the pictures below.

1. Say what you see.

2. Say the word slowly and listen to all the sounds you can hear.

3. Write the sounds you hear to spell the word.

Can you write the 3 words?



I think you are ready to write a full sentence. 

Have a look at the pictures below. Say what you see (the first one is a little funny!)


1. Say the sentence slowly.

2. Count on your fingers how many words you say. Ask your adult to keep that amount of fingers up.

3. Say each word slowly, listen to all the sounds you can hear, Write the sounds you hear to spell the word.

4. put a finger down as you have spelled one word. Now do this for all the words until you have your sentence.



WELL DONE, super sentence writing!


Remember to send us your work on Tapestry or email it to us so we can see your wonderful words and sentences.


This week we have been looking at how the number 5 can be made from 2 other numbers. 

Today we are going to introduce a new concept to you. 

The Part Whole model. 

It looks like this :

It is a way of showing how a number can be made up of two numbers (two parts) just like we have been doing. 

So if we look at the number 3..... as a whole it would look like this. 

But we can split the number 3 up into 'parts', like this......

or like this .....

Today we would like to

1. Draw a part whole model (as above)

1. Think of a number

2. Put that amount in the whole. 

3. Split the amount into parts. How many have you got in each part? 

4. Put the amount back in the whole

5. Split the amount again, how many have you got in each part now? 

6. How many different ways can you split your whole amount? 

Remember to take some pictures and send them to us so we can see your 'Part Whole model'

If you have got a printer and would prefer this on paper please copy below but the children will gain from doing this practically.


I hope you enjoyed the story of 'Charlie and the firefighter' yesterday. If you would like to read the story again please do so.

(a copy can be found below.)


Today we are going to be thinking about the story and thinking about what parts of the story you liked. It is important that we can say what we like and explain why we like it. 

Think of your favourite part of the story and tell your grown up what it is and most importantly why you liked that part. 

Now draw the part of the story you liked best. Remember to take your time and try and draw with control and use the correct colours. 

We would love to see your pictures and maybe your grown up could even record you explaining what your favourite part is and why you liked it. 


Remember our Learning through play focus runs throughout the week. I hope you managed to set your rules and boundaries on Monday, are you sticking to them. We hope so, we hope you are listening carefully to your adults and following their instructions.


When we are in school we spend much of our time in 'COOL time' (continuing on our learning) this is the time where we learn through play.

We would like you to give your child the opportunity of playing when they are at home but we are going to be putting a focus on each week so when they are playing you can extend their play by incorporating these focusses. 

This weeks focus comes from the area of our curriculum -  'Managing feelings and behaviour' 

The focus is - 'Aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations'.

This means the children knows the rules, understands why we have them and can follow them.

We thought this would be a good one for the first week. You can sit with your child  and decide together the rules and boundaries that need to be followed while you are home schooling. It is a good idea to write these rules down and for you and your child to sign them showing that everyone understands the rules. Display them so everyone knows the rules you are following and then hopefully the children will follow the rules because they know them and they have made them. 

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