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Wellness Wednesday





Grab a pencil and a bit of paper.


How many different words can you make from the letters in this sentence below?



Remember you can only use the letters once!


Seated movement and mindfulness


A mindfulness activity for you to follow, to prepare you for the day ahead.


Click on the picture.




In P.S.H.E over the last few weeks you have been designing, creating and costing out your own garden for people with a particular need to enjoy! 


As today is Wellness Wednesday we are encouraging you to have less time in front of a computer screen or a device and to do something different.


Your challenge today is to create a 3D version of your garden that you have planned.

You could use junk modelling - see if you can find any cardboard boxes, cereal packets, empty containers, empty toilet rolls, lollipop sticks or paper and build your garden.

If you haven't got anything you can use for junk modelling see if you could go outside and use stones and sticks to make your garden - you could make little labels so we can see what things are and where you have placed them.

If you can take a picture - we would love to see your designs. 





Can you make up your own song? 


It could be about anything you like! It could be about your feelings, animals or nature, it could be about your pets or what you like and don't like! 


If you are a little bit stuck log on to Charanga to give you some ideas.



You could even make your own instrument to accompany you. A drum or a guitar!



Practise your song so you know it off by heart and then see if you can perform it to a family member. 



At the end of a hard day it's always good to relax. Click on the picture below to follow a meditation lesson.


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