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Its BIG WRITE Day!!!


We hope you've has a good nights sleeps and had an extra brain food breakfast! 


Today you are going to put together everything we have been doing over the last 2 weeks to write your very own twisted version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. 


To make your writing even better we want you to include these things: 


We cannot wait to read them to so please send them to our year 3 email address once you have finished. 


Use the word mat below to help you.



In P.S.H.E today, you will be thinking about your own dreams and ambitions. Have a look at the picture below of Jane. What do you think Jane's dreams and ambitions were as a little girl?




What do you think dreams and ambitions mean? You could research the meanings of these words.


Have a think of any dreams and ambitions you have. 


We are going to think of our dreams as a flower...plants grow from tiny seeds, so we can imagine that our dreams and goals are seeds that we can plant now and watch them grow into the future.


Using the flower below, draw or write your dreams on the petals of your flower. In the centre you can draw a picture of yourself.

Literacy Shed

Watch the clip below and think about how you would feel if you were the little girl in the clip.

Describe what you can see when you look out of the clock tower. Describe what you can see when you go outside. How would it make you feel?


Could the little girl be in charge of time? Explain why this could be true.


The Clocktower



WALT: Convert money


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