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Today we are going to use our senses.



After today's zoom lesson use the worksheet, or divide your page into four. Think about what you would be able to hear, see, smell and touch if you were hiding in the forest next to Grandma's cottage. Write down as many adjectives as you can to describe the setting. 



Once you have thought of all your adjectives, put these into a sentence to describe the forest.




Look at the pictures below. What challenges are each of the children facing? Who do you think is facing the biggest challenge? Discuss with someone why you think this.


You could cut out the pictures and order them into the greatest to least challenge. Give reasons for why you have put them in this order. Now re-order the pictures to decide who could be most successful in their challenge and discuss why you have put them in that order.


Do you think other people would put the pictures in a different order to you?


Using the pictures come up with a name for each child and write one or two sentences to;

  • Name the challenge the child is facing.
  • How the child feels about the challenge.
  • How the child could achieve their challenge.
  • How they would feel if they were successful.




Literacy Shed


A cloud maker and his apprentice grandson are busy making clouds but everything doesn't happen as it should.  As things don't go according to plan, the pair of them learn that good ideas come from happy accidents.


Pretend you are the little boy that is learning to make clouds. Write a diary about your day.

"A Cloudy Lesson"

Enjoy this timeless and cloudy tradition passed down from grandfather to grandson ending with a wonderfully warm twist of creativity....


After today's zoom lesson, have a go at answering these questions. 


Remember you only have to choose good, amazing or awesome. Use the long division method we learnt about in the zoom lesson.



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