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Wednesday 6th Jan


Morning job


Can you remember the sound these graphemes make?

Think of 3 words that have these sounds in:


ch sh th ng


Please remember, your child should be spending 1 hour on Maths a day.


WALT add and subtract practically


Let's recap addition and subtraction.

Remember: when you add numbers together the answer will get bigger and when you subtract, the answer will become smaller.



Use anything you have at home to answer these calculations.

You could use Lego, building blocks, pasta shells, crayons, teddies, toys, etc.



Choose one column and complete the calculations:


Good Amazing Awesome

3  + 6

7 - 3

4 + 2

2 + 7

3 + 3

5 - 2

5 + 4

8 - 1

10 + 2

8 + 1

10 - 4

4 + 5

3 + 4

8 - 5

7 + 2

9 - 3

16 + 3

12 + 7

19 - 3

11 + 4

15 - 6

17 + 2

16 - 7

13 + 5



You should be spending half an hour a day on your phonics activities.

The grapheme in the left column we are revising, the grapheme in the right column is a new sound.


Phase 3


Phase 5


Watch the 'ai' video below and read along with it.


All the tricky words are in red so make sure they don't trick you.


How many things in your house or garden can you find with the 'ai' phoneme?


Write them down and use them in a sentence.


Try to read these words independently:


We use 'ai' at the beginning or the middle of a word.

'ay' is usually at the end of a word.


Watch the 'ai ay song' video below then read these words independently. 


Choose 5 of the 'ay' words and use them in a sentence.



Please remember, your child should be spending 1 hour on English a day.


WALT make predictions


Ask your child what they can remember about predictions.

What does it mean if we make a prediction?

This half term, our new book is Supertato.


Looking only at the front cover of this book (please do not read this book yet!), make some predictions about what you think the book is about and what you think is going to happen. Use the image below to help you. You might want to use the questions to help you make your predictions. This sheet does not need to be printed but you can write down your predictions on paper, type them on your computer, write them in a notebook. Don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when writing your sentences.





Each subject should take you an hour to complete.


PSHE WALT set goals


Look through the PowerPoint below all about New Year, New Me.


Once you have discussed the slides, create your own resolution. You may want to present these as a poster. How will you achieve this goal?

PE WALT keep fit


Follow the link below and choose a Joe Wicks workout or two.

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