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Welcome to Turtle Class


We are so pleased you chose Matchborough First School Academy to start your child's first stage of their education and can't wait to share their learning journey with you.

We will be regularly updating this page with pictures and information to keep you updated with the fun we are having in school. 

Spring Term

'I wonder..... what is out there'


IntentFor children to know about the lives of different people in different countries around the world.

ImplementationThis topic will start with a suitcase full of objects and a postcard. The children will then travel around the world each week on a magic carpet. They will learn about the language, food, houses, dress, climate, animals, landmarks and celebrations of each country visited.

Impact The children will have a greater understanding of differences in places, people and their lives and be able to compare this to our own.

Why now?The children will have knowledge of the UK through previous learning so this topic is extending their knowledge of Geography and the world they live in.  

The last day of the Spring term brought two important events for the reception children. In the morning there was the Easter bonnet parade where the children danced in their hats to show off their amazing creativity and in the afternoon there was an exciting visit by the queen while we were visiting her Palace for the afternoon. Children and teachers were beautifully dressed for the visit and crowns were adorned in honour of her visit.

This week our magic carpet has taken us to India.

As part of our learning the children got to try a few Indian delicacies including poppadoms and mango chutney, naan bread and Masala sauce. The children seemed to enjoy their tasting session as you can see from the photos...

This term we have been learning about why Easter is important to Christians. As part of our learning we planted spring bulbs which the children have enjoyed watching bloom over the past few weeks. Today we used some of them to make an Easter garden.

This term, on our trip around the world, we have been learning about a variety of places including Africa and China.  A few weeks ago, we were able to see the clothes that Mrs Bonner had worn while living in Burkino Faso and this week, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the culinary delights of 'Chef Farr'! Our Chinese delicacies included: Prawn crackers, Spring rolls and delicious noodles.  As you can see Turtles class very much enjoyed their Chinese tastings.

Autumn 2 - I wonder what we celebrate


Intent – Give children the knowledge and experiences of different celebrations from other religions and cultures and their own. 

 ImplementationThe children will learn about Diwali, Bonfire Night, Remembrance day, wedding celebrations, birthday celebrations, Christening, Advent and Christmas by looking at pictures, reading books, learning about facts and carrying out the celebrations through role play.

ImpactChildren will have a clear understanding of why and how different people celebrate. Strong links to Understanding the World.

Why now?Many celebrations and festivals are happening in this half term so the teaching of this is relevant to the time of year it is.

No Pens Wednesday!

Today the children came dressed as a favourite word of their choice. In Turtles class there were a variety of interesting words that the children had chosen: sunshine, rocket, adventure, explore, colourful, delicious, super, happy, car and more. Such a brilliantly creative day, giving the children an opportunity to expand their vocabulary and visualise the meanings of the words. Well done to all! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Autumn 2 Let's Celebrate!

Last Friday was Forces Friday where we remembered those who had lost their lives to War following the events of Remembrance day  11/11.

We were transported back in time with a variety of helpful nurses, brave soldiers and child refugees. Here are a few of those who dressed up.



On this day children should come to school in their PE kit. In the colder months this can be a tracksuit (black/navy/red) and trainers.

If your child wants to wear their PE shorts underneath they can or just the tracksuit is fine.


Muddy Monday

Forest school (Muddy Monday) is MONDAY

On this day children should come to school in their FOREST SCHOOL kit. This can consist of an old tracksuit, leggings, trousers and a warm jumper. Anything that you don't mind getting dirty! Please send wellies in at the start of the school year and these will remain in school throughout the year.  

Our learning

Autumn 1 - I wonder what is special

Intent – Our intent with this learning is for children to have an understanding of themselves, their family and the community around them understanding that we are all different but equally important. 

Implementation – The children will share pictures of themselves and their families and talk about these. They will share their likes and dislikes and develop an understanding that we all like and dislike different things. We will look at houses in our community and how they are different. Elmer will be a focus books teaching us about emotions.  

Impact – Children will have will understand and accept that we are all individuals who are special. 

Why now? - Transition into school that will help children to make friends and accept each other. 


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