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Tuesday 6.10.20


Where would you put these pictures from the story on a story mountain? What happened at the beginning? (OPENING) What were the characters not happy about? (BUILD UP) What were the main problems caused by the animals? (DILEMMA) How were the problems solved? (RESOLUTION) What did they wish for at the end? (ENDING)



1. Draw your own story mountain on a big piece of paper if possible.

2. Label the mountain with the 5 main parts of a story (Opening, Build up, Dilemma, Resolution and Ending)

3. Draw or cut and stick the pictures from the story and put them in the correct order on your mountain.

4. Write notes around each picture or part of the story about what is happening. Look at the example below:

You can watch the video again if you like using the link below. You will also find the pictures you need below too.


IF YOU ARE FINING IT TRICKY....Draw or use one picture for each part of the story.  






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