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Tuesday 19th

Phonics starter 


If you log on to Phonics play - they have enabled free access with the following log on details


username: jan21 

Password: home


You can access a variety of phonics games - stick to phase 2 and only do the sounds that we have taught as you will find these best. 


Maths starter 


Can you find something in your house that is heavier than a loaf of bread? 

Can you find something that is lighter than a kettle? 


Phonics - Please do not complete this activity until after the phonics zoom


Below are some images with missing letters. Can you identify and write the missing letter? 

Attached is the worksheet if you can access a printer so you can print it off. If you can't print it off don't worry! You can draw your own image to match each word. 


Maths - Please do not complete this activity until after the zoom! 


Below are some images of objects - could you write a sentence saying which one is heavier/ which one is lighter? 

 For example: The sellotape is heavier than the lemon. The lemon is lighter than the sellotape. 


Topic - Doctors


Below is a video about Kipper going to the doctors. Watch the clip, have you ever been to the Doctors? 


Can you discuss how the Doctors have helped you before? What did they do to help you feel better? 




A selection of books by based on Biff, Chip and Kipper.Title: Going to the doctorAuthor: Roderick Hunt & Alex Brychta

Can you have a go at making your own Doctors appointment cards ? 


This week we want you to think of things that you have done that have been tricky at first but you carried on and didn't give up? 

Can you draw a picture of what is was and how it made you feel when you succeeded? How did you manage to complete the task? 

This may have been riding a bike? Learning to write your name? 


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