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Starter - Before zoom 




Can you reorder these letters to make the words


athb             thap          llrthi 


othcl      sathm      inth        btuthab




Can you write a sentence to go with the picture? 



For Maths we would like you to play a game of more and less. Use a template like the picture below. 

Grab some objects with one hand and pop them to one side, how many have you got? pick up some other objects with the other hand and write the number down. Which hand grabbed more? Which hand has less? 




Today we are being creative! 

We want you to create your own model of the Eiffel tower. This is what the Eiffel tower looks like. 

Below are some examples of homemade Eiffel towers. You can use whatever you have in your house to make it! 


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