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Today is Safer Internet Day!

The internet is an amazing tool in our lives today but we need to take steps to ensure we are safe...

What can you trust online? (Film for 5-11 year olds)

A film aimed at children and young people aged 4- 11 exploring what we can trust on the internet as part of our Safer Internet Day 2021 campaign.

A penguin story to share... all about the importance of e-safety!

Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your Spiral spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


WALT: create a non-chronological report.

Today you will write your own non-chronological report on Penguins. It is a chance to do an independent piece of work showing off all you have learnt about these marvellous birds.




Remember to include the features of a non-chronological report:




Also remember to build your sentences.

Can you use some conjunctions in some sentences?

Can you include some informative sentence openers?




Your Task

You can use the template, do your own or type up your non-chronological report.

Remember the work we did on commas in a list? Could you try to include some in your report?


Fluent in 5 


WALT: count sides on 2-D shapes.

This lesson we will develop strategies for accurate counting of sides, such as marking each side as it has been counted. It will become apparent that shapes can look different even though they have the same number of sides. 

Spr2.7.3 - Count sides on 2D shapes

Shapes Song 2

Too Tricky?!...


Geography WALT: use directional language.

We have previously learnt about basic directional language...



We used the prepositional phrases to understand where something is on a map in relation to something else.


Today we are moving on to look at directional language.

This is language we can understand to take us on a route.

Or to get us from one place to another.


A compass helps us with directions.

The main directions are North, South, East and West.

Some people remember the order by a rhyme going around clockwise...


There are other directions between North, South, East and West...


Your Task

You need to plan a route (via sea) from the UK to the South Pole using directional language. You can be creative with it. 


You use the main 4 compass directions to write the route instructions.


You use 8 compass directions to write the route instructions.

P4P - Challenge

Maybe go the long way round and head north before heading south, planning your own crazy route to the South Pole and writing the instructions for it.




Head West from the UK for roughly 10 hours.

Then turn so you are facing South and sail for 2 days until you are nearly at the tip of South America.

Change to go East for approximately 20 hours.

Finally turn South and go forwards until you reach the icy shore of Antarctica.

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