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RE WALT: compare Muslim and Christian beliefs.

Read through the following power points. As you are reading them make notes about the different beliefs from each religion. Then you can either fill in the comparison sheet or DESIGN your own comparison sheet to show the similarities and differences between the two religions.


MATHS WALT: subtract from whole amounts.

Zoom 1

Following on from our previous session we are today going to look at how to subtract from whole amounts. Take a look at the image below:

Although it is incredibly helpful to see the FRACTIONS BARS  and these can help you I am now going to show and explain another method to you.

You need to convert the WHOLE amount by multiplying the WHOLE amount by the DENOMINATOR: 2 X 8 = 16.

So this would convert to 16/8 - 5/8 = 11/8

You will notice that this is an improper fraction and could then be converted to 1 WHOLE (8/8) and 3/8 remaining.

Here we would multiply the denominator which is 8 x 3 = 24/8.


24/8 - 10/8 = 14/8 which could then be converted to 1 WHOLE and 6/8


This can then be simplified further:



English WALT: Write a description of a dramatic event

Zoom 2

Yesterday, we read how Little Billy was chased by the 'thing' and gathered as much information as we could about the creature.



Here we can infer that the creature is both fast and large as it is able to knock down trees as easily as knocking down dominoes with your finger. It must be very strong and powerful. The author has not told us this but used a 'show not tell' technique where they describe what the character is experiencing to put the reader in the moment.

TASK: Write your own version of the chase. Take a look at the example below to help you. If you are finding it tricky, just focus on the first paragraph.

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