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Starter - 

Watch the video below to learn more about our new sound. 

Lesson 41 (part 1) - Reception

Our Reception Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words.



Can you play the game 'simon says' with your grown up? Include some counting for example... Simon says jump 3 times. How long can you last before being caught out? 



after 10am

Access 'floppy's phonics' and go to the extra practise zone! We are on book 9 for 'ch'. 


Can you have a go at finding all the 'ch' words that have been hidden in the document below?


Can you find objects in your house with 'ch' in them? draw or write them and send a picture through on tapestry or




After the zoom! 

Today we want you to complete some activities using playdoh there is a recipe below if you do not have any at home!





Today is internet safety day! 

Below we have attached a power point we would like you to go through with your grownups so you can understand how to stay safe and why it is important to stay safe on the internet. 

This will also help you with the internet safety quiz that is on purple mash for you today. 


Learning through play


We can learn a lot through play! This week we want you to learn through 'finding out and exploring'

Last week the children in school worked hard in the forest to create a bug hotel. We discussed how we can make it inviting and chose leaves and broken logs that we could see bugs had been accessing already. 

Can you find a place in your garden or local area and create your own? 

You can use stick, rocks, bricks, leaves old plant pots, pine cones or whatever you can find. 

Use your sense to explore the world around you

Show curiosity about objects

Show a can do attitude


Can you look closely at similarities and differences? Can you make observations of plants and animals and discuss changes? 

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