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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your spiral spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


WALT: research and make notes.

You are going to learn about penguins in Antarctica this lesson. You are going to learn to research and learn facts. You will then make notes to condense lots of information into a few words - NOT full sentences!


You should make notes under the following subheadings:

Emperor Penguins

Penguin chicks

Penguin's bodies


Other Interesting facts





Penguin chicks

eat regurgitated food

grow fluffy feathers

stay in groups called creches when parents hunt



Fluent in 5


WALT: construct a tally chart.

We have finished our multiplication and division topic and are today starting our statistics topic. Statistics is all about data and how we record, read and understand it.


When you tally responses you record up to 4 lines (   IIII    ) and then the 5th response will go across the 4 and closes the gate. It then becomes easier to count your responses when dealing with high numbers of data.


Spr2.5.2 - Make Tally Charts

Using A Tally Chart


WALA: Food Chains 

Today you are going to be learning all about food chains and food chains that you may find in Antarctica.

When you are watching the video clip think about these questions 

· What is a food chain?

 Where do humans fit into food chains?
· What is a producer?
· What is a consumer?
· What happens if you remove part of a food chain?


Science | KS1 | The food chain | BBC Teach

This film is an ideal tool to help pupils to explore what a food chain is and how essential they are to life on the planet.From this film, pupils can explore...

After you have watched the video clip there is a powerpoint (below) that will give you more information on food chains so read through that first before you begin your task.yes


Your activity is to research into and find out about a food chain that you may find in Antarctica for example:


Plankton ⇒Fish ⇒ Emperor Penguin ⇒ Orca

Once you have your Antarctica food chain you will need to make it. There are various ways you can make it and below there are some example pictures below of different ideas to help. 

GET ARTY!! laughjust remember we are focusing on a food chain that you would find in Antarctica

Food Chain Ideas

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