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WALT record our findings

Have a look at the eggs that you set up last week, carefully drain the liquid and place the eggs on a kitchen towel. What do you notice? Has anything happened to the shell?

This is what ours looked like:

We are going to record our results today.

You need to write down and draw what has happened to each egg. Record it in a table like this:


After that we need to conclude what we have found out. Remember the question we asked was; Which liquid has the least effect on our teeth?

From your results write down which liquid had the least and the most effect on the egg shell. Explain how you know this, what happened to the shell? Was there anything odd the shell?

What does this tell you about what these liquids do our teeth? Is that surprising?



Write down a few sentences about how we could improve this experiment if we were to do it again.


P4P Extension:

Research Tooth Care and Hygiene. How can we care for our teeth so the things that we eat and drink won't effect our teeth las much like the egg shell was effected?


Look at the following information to help you and look up some information for yourself.


Can you make a poster to help others know the importance of looking after our teeth?



Kids Teach Kids about dental hygiene

Hey Kids! Learn How To Brush Your Teeth Properly With Baby Tooth & Make the Tooth Fairy Happy!


WALT understand what a fraction is

Zoom 1

Today we will be exploring fractions in more detail, yesterday we found out the purpose of the NUMERATOR and DENOMINATOR.

Fractions can be represented  pictorially or on number lines.

Which of the images below represent 1/4?

1/4 can also be represented like this:

If you look at the images below - we need to work out the fraction the arrow is pointing at. To do this we will need to work out how many EQUAL parts the number line has been split into from 0 to 1.

As you can see, it has been split into 5 equal parts SO our denominator must 5. If we then count each division from 0 till we reach the arrow, we will see that that is 3. Therefore our numerator must be 3 out of 5. 

So the fraction being represented is:




Reading comprehension

Spend 30 minutes reading on bug club and then try to complete the quiz on the story you have read. Click on the picture below to take you to bug club. Enjoy reading :)


WALT use conjunctions to link ideas

Zoom 2

What is a conjunction?


Watch the video by clicking the link to find out more.




TASK: Your task is to change each pair of sentences into one sentence using a conjunction to join the clauses. You can either write these out or cut and stick them together with the conjunction in the middle. You can use the conjunctions provided at the bottom of the sheet or think of your own.




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