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Tuesday 12th January



We hope you all had a great Monday and enjoyed your zooms lessons and the your other learning opportunities.

It is so lovely to see your pictures and work uploaded to Tapestry, I know there were some problems with Tapestry yesterday, hopefully they have been fixed now! If you can't get onto Tapestry please

email any pictures to and we can upload them to Tapestry at a later date.

We can see  lots of you are enjoying Purple Mash activities. if you need support to access this please don't hesitate to contact us.


Let's warm our brain ups this morning with a quick Phonics and Maths activity. 





Can you remember the sound we learned yesterday? That's right 'v' 

Click on the picture to listen to our Jolly Phonics song.


Today we are going to be reading words that begin with 'v'. Remember to say each sound you see and blend those sounds to read. 

Read the word and draw a picture of what you have read. 








Now read these short sentences and draw a picture of what it says. 


The van is big. 


The vest is pink. 


Remember to share your pictures with us by uploading them onto Tapestry or emailing us at 




I know you all worked very hard with your number bonds to 5 yesterday, remember number bonds are pairs of numbers which add up to a certain number.

Lets warm our brains up with a number bond song. 

(click on the picture)


Today we are going to focus on the number 5 again but we are going to split it into 3.

You need 3 plates and 5 objects. 


When you have got these things I would like you to share your objects between the three plates. 


2              1              2

Then write how many you have on each plate. 

How many different ways can you make 5 by splitting your objects between the two plates?

Remember to take pictures and upload them to Tapestry to email them to, we can't wait to see how many ways you found. 





Remember this week we are learning about Firefighters and Police Officers. 

Today I would like you to share with your adults the story 'Charlie the Firefighter' 


Now you have read the story see if you can answer these questions. 






Remember our Learning through play focus runs throughout the week. I hope you managed to set your rules and boundaries on Monday. 


When we are in school we spend much of our time in 'COOL time' (continuing on our learning) this is the time where we learn through play.

We would like you to give your child the opportunity of playing when they are at home but we are going to be putting a focus on each week so when they are playing you can extend their play by incorporating these focusses. 

This weeks focus comes from the area of our curriculum -  'Managing feelings and behaviour' 

The focus is - 'Aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations'.

This means the children knows the rules, understands why we have them and can follow them.

We thought this would be a good one for the first week. You can sit with your child  and decide together the rules and boundaries that need to be followed while you are home schooling. It is a good idea to write these rules down and for you and your child to sign them showing that everyone understands the rules. Display them so everyone knows the rules you are following and then hopefully the children will follow the rules because they know them and they have made them. 


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