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What can you see?



Today you will be thinking about your feelings and opinions.


Watch this clip, is it real or in the girls imagination? Why do you think that? How does it make you feel? How do you think the girl feels?


Click on the picture to watch it.



Now, think about the poem that we learnt about yesterday by Julia Donaldson.


How does it make you feel? What are your opinions on it?


(opinion means a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.)


Around each verse write what you think about it. Draw a picture to show your feelings and opinions. Does it make you feel curious, happy, calm, excited? Is this how you feel when you read a book? Pick out your favourite words or sentence. 





Safer Internet Day!


Can you create a poster on how to stay safe online?

What can you trust online? (Film for 5-11 year olds)

A film aimed at children and young people aged 4- 11 exploring what we can trust on the internet as part of our Safer Internet Day 2021 campaign. Find more about trust and reliability online at #SaferInternetDay #AnInternetWeTrust



We are going to continue using Purple Mash emails this week and adding a painted picture attachment.


Follow the instructions attached below.


Today we are going to continue looking at equivalent lengths, looking at centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm).




There are 10mm in 1cm


so there are...


20mm in 2cm

30mm in 3cm

40mm in 4cm 




56mm in 5.6cm

69mm in 6.9cm

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