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WALT retrieve and record information


Today we are preparing for the 'Egyptian animals' section of our non-chronological report and we are going to practise taking notes.



When you are note taking you do not need to copy the whole sentence, just make sure you take the key information and ensure it makes sense to you. 


Read the PowerPoint below and make notes about the different Egyptian animals.

Choose the facts you find most interesting ready to share with your readers next week. 



This week we are going to be learning the names for our body parts in French!


Take a look at the PowerPoint below and then complete the labelling activity. Once you have completed the labelling activity you will be able to have a go at the wordsearch.

Purple Mash


You now have some time to explore Purple Mash freely, click the logo below to take you straight there.



In today's Maths lesson we are learning to give change again but there are three steps to solving these questions today.


Step 1 - add the slime and monopoly together.


Step 2 - now add from the total (£5.38) up to the note you paid with (£10.00). Remember to add to the next ten and then add to the nearest pound.


Step 3 - now add all the jumps to find out the change.

The answer is £4.62





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