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Today we want you to think about the wolf, Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma. 

You are going to write as many adjectives as you can think of to describe each of these characters.

(Remember an adjective is a describing word for a noun!)



Once you have thought of lots of adjectives for each character we want you to come up with some sentences describing them. As a challenge see if you can use an expanded noun phrase.

(Remember to use a comma!)





This term in P.E. we are going to be concentrating on dance. Follow the clip below to learn to dance like an Egyptian. 

See if you can learn the dance off by heart.

Walk Like an Egyptian

Reading Comprehension

Read the information and answer the questions about Usain Bolt.


Yesterday in maths you learnt how to divide using chunking and a number line. Today we are going to practise a different method for long division. After your zoom lesson have a go at these questions.


If you get a little confused use these steps to help you.





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