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Click the picture to have a go at the exercise 'Freeze'. I hope you enjoy this high energy start to your day!

Rockstar practice - click on the pictures                            Purple Mash '2do's



                           4 times tables                                                               Maths Quiz - 10 minutes 


                                                                                                                  English - 10 minutes



WALT use written method.

First zoom lesson

Today we are going to be applying our multiplication recall to solve calculations using a written method.


We are going to focus on using PART PART WHOLE MODELS and NUMBERLINE METHOD in our lesson today. 

Below are two images showing how to set out and calculate the products using those two methods.



WALT - Identify and use features

Following yesterday's lesson, your task today is to turn the dialogue you created from the video Freya and the Goblins into a script by writing it out.

You need to include:

-A description of the scene

-Character's name followed by a colon :

-Dialogue (words spoken by each character)

-Stage directions (to show actions, facial expressions or how the words are spoken)


Take a look at the example below:



If you find it easier, use the document below. Write the character's name on the left and then what they say in the next, bigger box. You can cut and stick these if you choose. Remember to include the stage direction in between! Take a look at the example below.



WALA - The structure of the tooth

Our teeth are amazing things.  Following on from what we learnt last week, we are going to be thinking about the structure of our teeth.

Watch the following videos by clicking on the links below to find out more:


The crown
The crown is the part which you can see when you smile or open your mouth. This is located above the gumline.


The root
This is the part of the tooth which you cannot see. It is located below the gumline and makes up about 2/3 of the tooth’s total length.


Enamel is the white covering of the tooth. It is a very tough and durable substance. It acts as a tooth’s personal bodyguard and protects the tooth from everyday wear and tear of chewing. Enamel also protects the inside parts of the tooth, working as a barrier.
Dentine is a yellow bone-like material. It is softer than the enamel, but also very hard. Dentine consists of tubules (small tubes) with fluid inside, which help to transmit senses to the nerve. Dentine supports the enamel of the teeth and protects the innermost part of the tooth, called the pulp.
Pulp is a soft tissue which is in the centre of the tooth. It consists of the tooth’s nerve endings and blood vessels. So, pulp helps to transmit signals to your brain and give nourishment to keep the tooth alive and healthy.
How do you know that your teeth have nerves?
Have you ever felt a pain in any of your teeth when having hot soup, or a cool ice-cream?
If you have a tooth which is hurting, you might have felt a pain in this tooth when having a bowl of hot soup, or a cool ice-cream. This indicates that your teeth have nerves, because to feel a pain you definitely need nerves to send the signals about the pain to the brain. In this case, it is the pulp of the tooth which actually hurts, because it is the part of the tooth which carries nerve endings. The nerve endings inside the pulp send messages to the brain about what’s going on. 


Now you have learnt about the structure of a tooth, draw this picture out and label the parts of the tooth.
Use these words:  
Nerves and Blood Vessels


Extension: Can you add some sentences onto your diagram to explain the parts of a tooth?


Draw or print the structure of the tooth using the document below:


Spend 30 minutes reading on Bug Club. Once you have completed a book on your level, complete the quiz. You can read independently or to an adult if you choose. Click the image below to to the Bug Club website. Happy reading!

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