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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your spiral spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


WALT: Infer using information from a text 



Your activity for today is to read the first part of our new story 'The Penguin who wanted to find out' Using the clues from the text and illustrations (pictures) you need become Otto and think about how he would be feeling at different parts of the story. 

Key words 

laugh Excited

smiley Happy




Below there is a feelings chart that you can print and complete or if you can not print it off draw it on to a piece of paper. 

We have completed a feelings chart like this before when we looked at Walter Tull in History last half term so you may remember how to fill it out. If you have forgotten don't worry follow these steps to help,

  1. Put the sentences in order at the bottom of the chart. 
  2. Then read the sentence and think about how Otto would be feeling.
  3. Above each sentence you need to draw a smiley face inline with the smiley face that shows how you feel Otto would be feeling.


WALT: Write multiplication sentences from pictures 




Science WALA: Habitats
What are the main habitats? What are they like?

Your activity for today is to sort animals into their correct habitat below there is a link for BBC bitesize videos and if you watch these they will tell you all about different types of habitats and what animals live there. uploaded below is a powerpoint that will also give you lots of information about habitats. Once you have watched the videos and/or read the powerpoint you can move onto the activity, which is to match the animal to the correct habitat. You can either *print off the one uploaded or draw your own habitats and animals. 

For a purple for push you could think of a habitat that isn't included in the activity below and add in the animals that live there. 

*Note for parents if you are printing this activity make the matching cards activity sheet 6pages per sheet and for the matching background activity 4 pages per sheet when you go to printing options. 

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