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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your spiral spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


WALT: use our imagination to create noun phrases.

Today you are going to design a 'disgusting lunch'.

You are going to draw the parts of your lunch and label it with creative noun phrases (and expanded noun phrases).


For example I am going to make:

A cheese and tomato sandwich.

Some carrot batons with a mayonnaise dip.

A bowl of chopped banana, apple and yoghurt .


Here is my design:

Once you have designed your lunch, MAKE IT with adult supervision. Think of the instructions as you make your lunch as this will help you with tomorrows lesson!



Let's get FLUENT IN 5!


WALT: Add and subtract ones

We will start to learn about addition and subtraction and we will be beginning with adding and subtracting ones. Is there a pattern when you add and subtract ones? What happens when you add twos?

Make sure you go across the page when working out the code for the deepen it further!


DT WALT: to make and evaluate a sandwich 

To help you with you sandwich and snack making there are some videos below to show you the skills you will need to use for example:

  • peeling
  • chopping  
  • slicing
  • grating

You will need an adult with you to do this activity 

If you are able to learn some of these skills with an adult we would love to see some photos of you doing them please send them to the year 2 email address 

Thank you smiley


A video looking at the techniques used when peeling.

The Bridge Hold

A video looking at using the bridge hold.

The Claw Grip

A video looking at using the claw grip.

My sandwich or snack evaluation

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