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         Wednesday 6th January

You could spend up to an hour on this activity but don't feel that you have to do it all at once. You can break the time up into shorter chunks to help you do your best.

For the next few weeks we are going to be learning about 'People Who Help Us'. This week we will be thinking about people who help us at home and at school. These are the special grown ups you live with, your teachers, teaching assistants and lunch time supervisors. 





Who are these people? What are their names? What do they do to help you?

First we would like you to draw a picture of some of the people who help you at home and school. You can choose how many but try to do at least one person from home and one from school. Lots of you will want to do more!

Do you know the name of each person? Can you have a go at writing their name?

Now have a think about how each person helps you. Where do they help you? What do they do? 

Can you talk to a grown up about how each person helps you? They could write down your ideas or perhaps video you talking about each person who helps you. Perhaps they could send us the video via tapestry or the reception email address.

Thursday 7th January 


Today we would like you to go through the powerpoint below. Can you answer the questions for who can help you. Can you think of anymore? Discuss with your grownup your reasoning why those people help you in those scenarios. 


Friday 8th January 

Today we are thinking of things that we can do with help and things that we can do by ourselves. Below are some captions that we would like you to sort with your grown up. Are there things on the list that you currently need help with but will be able to do by yourself soon if you keep practising? 


Do up my zip

Write my name

Dress/ undress myself 

count forwards and backwards to 10 

Share my toys 

Say what sound a word begins with

recognise tricky words - the, to , go i, into

count out objects to match a number 

tidy up my toys that i have been playing with 

use scissors appropriately 


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