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Today we will revisit our year group band 'The Beatles'.

Have a listen to some of their songs below.

Does anyone at home have a favourite Beatles song?

Which one do you like?

The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand (Official Music Video Remastered)

Hey Jude - THE BEATLES (Lyrics)

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

The Beatles - Penny Lane



Now you have listened to some of their songs, we want you to use the internet to find some information.


Can you find the answers to these questions?


1. What are the names of the people that make up the group The Beatles?

2. Which year did The Beatles form?

3. Which city are The Beatles from?

4. Which song was The Beatles first Number one?

5. Which instruments did the members if The Beatles play?

6. Name three albums by The Beatles.

7. What is the first line to the song Hey Jude?

8. How many number 1 singles did The Beatles have?

9. Which year was 'Yellow Submarine' Released?

10. In the song 'Penny Lane', can you name the jobs that are mentioned? 




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