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World Book Day

Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your Spider web spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?

Today we will be focusing on the book below which is called...


On the way home by Jill Murphy


Your first task is to listen or read the book (if you have it) and enjoy it! smiley

On the way home - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids



Today is about celebrating books and reading. How would you feel if you were Claire? Have you ever met someone exciting on the way to school? Is this book similar to any other books you have read?


Here are some tasks about our focus book.



World Book Day task one 


Let's make a new page in the book.
Remember the 3 things will it need to include to follow the pattern...

Claire bumping into a friend.
Telling an EXTRAVAGANT story of how she hurt her knee.
A reaction from her friend.


Idea: Maybe Claire met a penguin on the way home!



World Book Day task two

Put Claire in the hot seat! Think of some questions you would like to ask Claire. Write them down and then try thinking about what Claire's answers might be. 


Idea: Why do you keep telling lies?



World Book Day task three

Can you redesign a book cover for the story. What illustrations might you include on yours? 


Idea: Become an illustrator like Jim Field and Hannah Shaw and impress Mr Whilton with your artwork!



WALT: Sort 3D shapes

This week you have learnt all about 3D shapes and their properties. You have learnt about their faces, edges and vertices. Today you need to use this knowledge to sort the 3D shapes.


This is called a venn diagram. You can sort the shapes using one of these and if the shape is both a pyramid and has even flat surfaces then the shape would go in the middle!

Spr2.9.3 - Sort 3D shapes

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