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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your Spider web spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


SPaG WALT: spell '-ge' and '-dge' words correctly.


Spelling Rule Rap: The Final /j/ sound -dge and -ge

-ge or -dge ?

For a little bit of FUN...

Fluent in 5


WALT: count vertices on 2-D shapes.

Today you will learn some new words:


A vertex is where two lines meet at a point.


Vertices is the plural of vertex. You can count vertices on shapes.



Spr2.7.4 - Count vertices on 2D shapes

Shapes, Sides and Vertices


WALT: explain adaptation.

This lesson is linked with English as it requires you to do a type of writing... an EXPLANATION.




We want to know that you know the answer to...


How are emperor penguins adapted to survive in Antarctica?


You need to plan your explanation first using the planning sheet...





Then you can write up your explanation and present it how you wish.

You may like to include a picture and caption.


This type of report writing is very similar to a non-chronological report but you are only giving information that helps you explain your question!

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