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World Book Day



The theme this year is Classic Children's Literature and today we will be completing activities based on the book 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson. Ahoy there! Take a look at the other activities you can complete today, including quizzes and challenges, at the bottom of the page.

Zoom session 1

Watch the first two parts of Treasure Island by clicking the pictures below. Discuss the questions with an adult.



TASK 1: Get really creative and create your own version of what you think the treasure map looks like. You might even want to tea stain your map to make it look old! Take a look at the examples below. Remember to add your own pirate place names.


How to age paper using tea staining:




Session 2 (Independent)

We are going to continue with our Treasure Island story and learn about a character called Long John Silver. Use the extracts and videos below to find out more about him.





Task 2: Imagine Long John Silver is on the run. Create a Wanted Poster detailing his crimes. You could age your paper again if you want to! Take a look at the examples below:



Or...You could research another famous pirate and create a wanted poster for them. How many interesting facts can you find out? Take a look below for some ideas. Use can also use the PowerPoint to help you.


Enjoying the story? Click the link below to watch the rest of the story. You might even want to order the Ladybird Classic of Treasure Island. Enjoy!




Other World Book Day activities

1. How well do you know your children's books and authors? Complete the quizzes below. You might want to do them as a a family. Who can get the most points? Have fun!

2. Are you a Share a Story Reading Star? How many reading tasks can you complete below? How many stars can you tick off. You don't have to do them all in one day!


3. Visit it the World Book Day website for live lessons, author videos, games and quizzes:

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