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WALA States of matter

This term in Science we are learning about States of matter.

First Task

Have a look at these pictures and group them however you think they should be. (Don't scroll down)

There is no incorrect answer but you must be able to explain why you have grouped them that way. Record your answers.


Now watch this video - What are the states of matter?

Can you re-order your pictures into solid, liquid or gas?

Now have a go at completing a table like this, use cheerios (or another type of cereal) to show how the particles look for a solid, liquid and gas.

Then can you think of 4 examples for each state of matter?


WALT add two or more fractions

Zoom 1

Yesterday we were learning that when we add fractions we MUST  always keep the denominator the same and only find the total of the numerators.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, what do you notice?

The numerators when added together will equal 6. This is GREATER than the denominator. When this happens we call it an IMPROPER FRACTION. We can't leave it like this.

What we need to do is to make 1 whole (in this case 5/5) and see how many fifths are remaining. In this case we have 1 WHOLE  and 1/5.

Have a look at the image below:

We know that the denominator will remain fifths. However we can see that in TOTAL  we have 8 shaded parts which equals 8/5 (An improper fraction)

So we need to make as many WHOLES as possible and see what is remaining.

This can then be converted to 1 WHOLE and 3/5.





Click on the picture to watch Presto


Write a short summary about what happens in the film.
Write your own questions for the film.



WALT: write descriptive sentences

Zoom 2

Think of all the words you could use to describe a forest. Write as many descriptive words as possible to create a words bank. Use the pictures below to help you.



TASK: Write at least 5 descriptive sentences about a forest using your word banks. How many descriptive devices can you use? Take a look at the examples below.




Examples from our zoom lesson

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