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Thursday 4th February


Let's get moving, get that body and brain active. Try and get your adult to join in, dancing makes us feel great!



Let's warm our brains up. 


We are ready to learn ANOTHER new sound!

Our new sound today is 


Eye Spy

Look at the picture below. Can you find all the things that start with a 'qu'?

Can you find, or think of anymore words that have 'qu in them.

Remember 'qu' can be found at the beginning or in the middle of a word. 



Let's warm up our brain for Maths.



Yesterday we started to practise counting two amounts and finding the total. You were amazing at this, well done. 

Today we are still practising combining two amounts. 


For the next activity, if you have a printer I have made attached it as a file, if not no worries just draw the dominoes yourself. 




Children look what the evil villain has done to Mr Rimmer....

He has been trapped in a cargo net!!! We need to rescue him!!

We would like you to make a plan of how to rescue him. 

This might be a machine that lets him go, or better still a trap to catch the evil villain. 

You can draw it and make it as well. We would love to see your traps, remember to send pictures to or upload on to Tapestry. 

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