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WALA How people decide right and wrong without God

"What makes something right or wrong?"

Today we are thinking about Right and Wrong.


Read the following scenarios think about:

What is the right thing to do?

What is the wrong thing to do?

What would YOU do?


Dilemma 1:

John, has been doing poorly on his spelling tests. His parents have threatened to pull him out of the football team if he doesn't improve. John knows that the girl who sits beside him always gets 100 percent on her tests, he is thinking about copying her answers.


Dilemma 2:

You accidently break your mums favourite vase when playing Hide and Seek with your younger brother.  Your mum finds it and is blaming your brother when it wasn't him.


Dilemma 3:

You see your best friend steal something from the teachers desk.


Dilemma 4:

Your parents ask if you have finished your homework and you haven't,  but your friend is coming over any minute to play a new game online with you.


WALT count in tenths

Zoom 1

Yesterday you were learning about tenths. A tenth is when an object is split into TEN parts to make ONE WHOLE. Each part is a TENTH.

Below are two different representations showing tenths.

As you can see, each image has been split into TEN EQUAL PARTS. Only ONE of them is shaded YELLOW. We would say that 1/10 is shaded YELLOW.


Tenths can also be represented on a number line:


When all of the divisions are labelled, this would equal 10/10 which is EQUIVALENT to ONE WHOLE.

Reading comprehension

1. What is the dilemma?
2. How does the dilemma get worse?
3. How does the bear try and get the moose to move?
4. What happens to the smaller animals? How do they solve the problem?
5. How does the personality of the smaller animals compare with the bigger animals?
6. How could the moose and bear crossed safely?


WALT write a cohesive paragraph

Zoom 2

Recap what a paragraph is and how to make it cohesive (flow in a logical order) by clicking the pictures below.


Take a look at the paragraph below from Monday.


The sentences are in order and includes specific details but it is a bit boring. We need to add sentence openers and conjunctions to make it more interesting. Take a look at the same paragraph but rewritten with these devices. It reads better and is more interesting to the reader.

TASK: Your task is to turn the paragraphs you made Monday or your research notes into an interesting paragraph. It could be about Viking homes, jobs, clothes, Gods and is up to you. Feel free to rewrite the paragraph provided below.







Some of the super paragraphs we wrote as part of our shared writing!

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