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WALT: Resarch information and take notes

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Now that you have written questions about the Vikings and organised them into subheadings, you now need to write notes for each subheading by finding the answers to your questions. Make sure your notes go under the correct subheading. Don't worry if you can't find all the answers to your questions, just include general information.



Use bullet points

Notes are short

Use key words

Skim and scan for important facts

Include only important or interesting information


Take a look at the example below:

These websites below may help you with your research. You don't just have to use these sites.


Feel free to use the Viking Research Map below. Remember your subheadings!




Reading comprehension

Click on the picture to watch the short film and then answer the questions below.

1.    Who is Bao? Where does he come from?
2.    How does the person feel about Bao?
3.    What does Bao get up to?
4.    Why does the lady get upset? Why does she not want to let go of Bao?
5.    Who do you think the boy is at the end?
6.    Is it a happy ending? Why?



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