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Today you are going to become Egyptologists as we prepare for the 'Pyramids and Tombs' section of our non-chronological report.


Below you will find a range of different sources to help you with your research or you can carry out your own!

(Click the pictures below to take you straight there)






(A virtual tour around a tomb)


Tombs in Ancient Egypt | Primary History - Ancient Egypt


This week we are learning all about the 'BIG' story of the Bible.  

Have a look at the Powerpoint below and then have a go at the activity. Don't worry if you don't want to print it out, you can write a list of the events instead.


Bug Club or Edshed


In Maths today we are learning about pictograms and how to interpret them. A pictogram is a chart that uses pictures to represent data. Below is a pictogram showing which fruit 22 children chose for their snack. Each picture represents 2 children. It is important to remember that one picture does not represent one child.

So 14 children chose a pear, 2 children chose a watermelon, 2 children chose an orange, 2 children chose an apple and 2 children chose a banana.  

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