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Today in our zoom lesson we will be thinking all about adverbs and using them as Fronted Adverbials for our story.


Fronted adverbials make a sentence more interesting. They grab our attention as readers and as we know they go at the beginning of a sentence followed by a comma. Today we are going to use adverbs (mostly ly words) as fronted adverbials, to describe the action in a sentence.

For example,

Excitedly, the wolf looked around the tidy room to see if he could find Grandma.


Read through the power point and think about the questions on it.  Below are the words if you want to copy them out to order.




Bug Club or Ed Shed

Use this time to practise your spellings or to do some reading on bug club.  




Click on the icon to take you to the websites.


After today's zoom lesson you can complete your maths learning. Remember to work through the questions systematically to make sure you don't miss out on all the 'ways' to do it!

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