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Your zoom lesson will help you complete these questions. Remember don't worry if you can't print these off, you can copy them out onto paper.


Our topic this term is learning all about animals including humans, this includes what we need to stay healthy, bones, skeletons, muscles and why these are needed!

Today we want you to read through the power point which is all about vertebrates and invertebrates. 


A vertebrate is an animal that has a backbone (a spine) and invertebrates don't have one! 


Complete the quiz on the power point and then see if you can tell the difference between an endo-skeleton, exoskeleton and a hydrostatic skeleton.


Once you have read through the power point and completed the quiz, see if you can sort the pictures into vertebrates and invertebrates. 

Literacy Shed

Watch the clip and then talk or write about what could happen next.


The story begins with a young girl called Mara. A thirteen-year-old who dreams of one day becoming an airplane designer. But every day, she test flies her model airplanes in the fields behind her house and every day, they crash.  Perhaps the saying if at first you don't succeed try and try again is her motto!

One day, after yet another unsuccessful flying attempt, Mara sits gloomily at a picnic table, trying to come up with new ideas. Suddenly, inspiration hits her on the head – literally. A tiny 5-inch-tall boy and his fantastical flying machine drop out of the sky.

She realizes that he is in trouble: his flying ship is broken, and the rest of his fleet is leaving without him. Now Mara must use every ounce of inspiration she has to fly her new friend back home – before it’s too late!


Click on the picture to watch the clip



After your zoom lesson you will be able to use this story mountain to help you plan a twist to the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood.

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