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Start your day off with some Cosmic Kids Yoga to get yourself ready to learn...just click on the picture

Rockstar practice - click on the picture

You have two '2Do's' to complete today - Maths and English - click on the picture


RE WALA Temptation: 

Our focus this half term is on Christianity and we will begin by looking at temptation and how we are all tempted at times to do something we know is wrong. Follow the power point and if possible talk with an adult about times in your life when you have felt tempted. Watch the video clip of Jesus in the desert to understand how we must be strong to try and resist our temptations. You must then complete the sheet by writing down examples of times when you have been tempted and how you felt afterwards, explaining how this would stop you from making the same mistake again. An example is on the sheet to help you.


MATHS WALT multiply 3 numbers


We will be applying our recall of known multiplication facts to multiply 3 single digit numbers. We will be looking at using the 'commutative' method where although we may change the order of the three numbers it won't change the 'product' of the three digits. We will look at different examples together and then you will need to apply your multiplication skills.





ENGLISH READING WALT: Identify the features of a playscript




These are the features we would like you to find when reading through the playscripts. 


Here is an example for you to look at that has been colour coded and labelled. 


Using the word documents below, you can now read and label the features of the playscript for yourself. 

You can choose to complete the AWESOME, AMAZING OR GOOD task.


AWESOME - You will need to write the main features for a playscript in the KEY table and label.

AMAZING - Use the key to label the features.

GOOD - Use the key to label the features. You have been given the arrows to help you.


Don't worry if you are unable to print, you can write down any examples that you can find for each feature.


Reading comprehension

Click this picture to watch the clip and then answer the comprehension questions about it below.

1.    What does Piper want? How do we know this?
2.    Why is Piper worried at the beginning?
3.    What does Piper try and do so he doesn’t get wet?
4.    How does he feel about the water at the end? How do you know?
5.    Why do you think he falls asleep so quickly?



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