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Thursday 21st

Phonics starter session 


Have a look at the video below 


Lesson 34 (part 2) - Reception

Our Reception Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words

Maths starter session


Can you have a go at writing your numbers 0 - 5. 

When you have done this can you have a go at writing 6 - 10? 

use the rhymes below to help you.



Phonics session 

Please complete after the zoom session 


Can you write the words to match the pictures below? 

Can you write a caption (mini sentence) for the image below? 

Maths session 

Please complete this after the zoom session 


Can you find a container like a bucket/ washing up bowl etc. Find a smaller container and predict how many 'cups' from your smaller container it will take to fill the larger container. 


Can you fill it with other objects? water/ rice/ pasta etc. Does the final number change? 



We are thinking about the dentist. How do they help us? How do we keep our teeth healthy? 

Can you order the steps/ list the steps you need to do in order to brush your teeth? 


ᴴᴰ BEST ✓ Topsy & Tim 216 - OUR TEETH | Topsy and Tim * es NEW 2017 ♥

Dad takes Topsy and Tim to the dentist for a check-up. They hear about the tooth fairy from their friend Josie and Topsy has a plan to catch a glimpse of her.

PE - Can you have a relax and stretch whilst you go on this cosmic kids adventure? 

Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

⭐ Yoga Quest is a Cosmic Kids challenge where you print out maps & check off Yoga Adventures!⭐ Get ONE MONTH FREE in January to complete Yoga Quest ad-free o...

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